What's going on!?

Posted by Neil Trigger on

Over the last few weeks, we've seen a massive shift in the way Real Wizardry is going. It had been my plan to use Etsy - almost exclusively - to sell my hand made potions, posters, tshirt designs and stuff like that. Unfortunately, Etsy disabled my store.

I still don't know why they did it. I checked their policies and I don't think I'm in breach of anything. Nevertheless, I'm kinda sick of being so reliant on Etsy to get my products seen by other people, so I started playing with a few other options. This one seems to be the best option so-far.

RealWizardryshop.com will be the new place to house all my potions, posters, tshirts and other magical stuff. It's purely going to be magic themed so if you don't like magic, this is definitely not the place for you. No hard feelings, off you go!

Still around? Excellent... because I've got some awesome things just for people like you!

Stay tuned, because coming up in the next few weeks will be things nobody has ever seen before!

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