Moon phases and their uses in witchcraft

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In this post, I’ll explain the different phases of the moon and how witches use the moon to enhance their magic spells. 

The moon is an entrancing thing. On a clear night, when the full moon is shining serenely in the inky sky, it’s usually pretty hard to pull your eyes away from it. It’s a beautiful orb and it has a weird kind of mesmeric power. Witches have known about the power of the moon for thousands of years. 

The moon’s cycle has been tied to menstruation since the lunar and menstrual cycles correlate surprisingly closely. It is perhaps for this reason that the moon is representative of the goddess. 


When casting spells, the phases of the moon can be used as another potent symbol that can enhance the spell. For example, banishment spells are usually made at the full moon, so that as the light from the full moon fades as it moves toward the new moon, when the moon goes almost entirely dark, so too does the thing that’s being banished fade from the life of the witch who is doing the banishment. 


So let’s talk about the phases of the moon and bear in mind this is a cycle so it just repeats. 


First we have new moon. If you want to manifest something you’ll most likely want to start at new moon so that as the light grows with the moon, so too will whatever you’re summoning grow in influence, likelihood or abundance. 


Next we have the crescents on either side of the new moon. These are the waning crescent if its shrinking and the waxing crescent if it’s growing. When it’s to do with the moon you have either waxing or waning. Waxing is getting bigger, waning is shrinking. 


After the crescent is a half moon again either waxing or waning. Then the gibbous moon and finally at the opposite end of the new moon is the full moon. 


I have the moon phases on the watch face of my Apple Watch it can be useful for other things too. 


Moon phases can affect how likely it is that you’ll get bitten by a wild animal. It can affect mental health and physical ailments including neurological conditions like epilepsy. It can also tell you the best time to go to the pub because you’ll be able to understand how much light you’ll have when you stagger home. 


Generally speaking, new and crescent moons allow you to grow while full and waning moons allow you to banish. 


Since some spells are designed to be cast over more than one night it could be useful to understand each phase, So let’s pass through a full cycle and I’ll tell you the significance of each phase. 


At new moon it’s time to gather your thoughts and plan for the month ahead. Imagine yourself with a clean slate, a new start and a fresh canvas on which to paint the world you want. 


The waxing crescent moon - remember this is growing so it’s a time to set your intentions and send your hopes and desires into the world. 


Next comes the half moon or as witches call it the first quarter. This is the waxing moon so it’s still growing. This is when you might face obstacles and so it’s important that you keep pushing forward. Don’t waiver. Keep going. 


Next the waxing gibbous moon. Momentum should be building by now and it’s therefore important that you recognise where the successes are coming from as well as any obstacles and how to overcome them. Perhaps re-align your desires with the universe and maintain your relationship with the natural world. 


The full or harvest moon. The word harvest is perhaps the most important one here because while you’re not harvesting a crop like they would traditionally do during a full moon, your harvesting the fruits of your past intentions of previous phases. 


Now we move into the waning gibbous moon so shrinking… this is a time for turning your attentions inwards. Become introspective and have gratitude for what you have - especially if your spell is starting to work. 


Then we have the third quarter (the full moon is technically the second quarter). The third quarter is a time to let things go. Let go of the bad habits and connections that bind you. If you want change you need to release them. Now is a good time to do that. 


The waning crescent comes next where you need to surrender. That’s not to say you need to give up but you need to ensure that you have some time to rest. This is the one that I struggle with the most, but if you take time to deliberately rest - and I do mean deliberately - you’ll be far more productive next time. 


And finally back to the new moon. This is the time for a new start. Gather your thoughts and start to plan how you can improve your life. This is also a good time to start a new spell cycle. 


If you want to know how to lay out your altar to make the most of the moon phases you’ll want to watch this video next. Remember to like and subscribe and I’ll be back next time with some more magical awesomeness but until then as always…

Stay magical!

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